Focus & Meaning OS (for Notion)

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The Focus & Meaning OS comes feature packed with the essentials to lead a fulfilling life. Get all you need to zone in on whom you want to become with one daily page scroll. A sure-fire way to self-development, as taught by the Stoics – enhanced by us.

What's inside?

  • Proven ways of structuring your day
  • Writing reflections (on life's events & daily)
  • Figuring out a meaning in your life
  • Setting & tracking goals
  • Stoic principles to base reflections on (can be easily exchanged for other philosophies' principles)
  • Comprehensive video walk-throughs & embedded notes for all parts

Bonus content

  • a second brain database (to collect all your knowledge in, easily exportable to other formats)
  • a standard operating procedure (SOP) database (to define how you want to behave in certain situations, e.g., starting a new job, or reacting to someone when you are upset)
  • a people database for everyone you know (+personality profiles & notes on them)
  • psychological exercises to stay grounded
    • visualization techniques
    • meditations


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  1. Who is Focus & Meaning OS for? 
    This template is for anyone who wants to live a better life by taking ownership of their actions, increase their mindfulness, and work towards a more serene future.
  2. What is Notion?
    Notion is a scratch pad, a second brain, a place to organize your life in (or an entire company, as we did at Niche Mates). It's free for personal use. You can find out more here.
  3. Can I share this resource?
    This is a private single-user license. You may not distribute it without consent. If you'd be interested in an affiliate program, reach out via the channels below.
  4. Too expensive?
    A lot of time and thought has flown into developing this resource. However, if you're a student or have a low income, feel free to reach out via the channels below. We'll figure something out!
  5. Is there support?
    Always! I might be in a different timezone (EU/Berlin) as you, so give me a couple of hours to respond 🤓
    You can reach me @f_schlz on Twitter or via email

With ❤️ from the Niche Mates

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A feature packed Notion template. Pre-loaded with Stoic content & proven methods to infuse meaning & focus into your life. All the essentials in one single scroll.

Daily habits & reminders
Weekly planning
Monthly, yearly & life goals
Periodic reflections
Stoic exercises
Knowledge & insight management
People database
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Focus & Meaning OS (for Notion)

3 ratings
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